How to solve some problems in the use of chainsaw
2021-04-05 19:30:42

First of all, we must buy medium and high-end chain saws, because there are more than 400 pieces sold in the market, there are more than 700 or 800, and there are more than 1,000. From the perspective of rural economic application, it is suitable to buy mid-range goods. Usually pay attention to maintenance, can increase the service life.

The chain should be tight and suitable. After the above is good, it can be pulled out a little and it will not feel loose. The new chain is suitable for sawing fresh wood. It can be sawn for a few thousand kilograms a day. The wood can be sawn for thousands of pounds, including broken drums. Home farmers usually have a new chain every year. The chain can generally be used once or twice. If you continue to smash, the card slot is not allowed. Even if the sawdust is fine, it will not be efficient. The chain saws can be said to be dry. Make the best use of it.

To oil, follow the instructions, in a ratio of 1 to 25, that is, one liter of 2t of burning lubricant, pay attention to 2t, mix 25 times of gasoline. A matching pot is attached to the factory. If there is too much to match, it will damage the machine. For example, pull the cylinder. Then I want to remove the oil from the oil. The method I use is to turn the oil back and forth several times with several bowls. Whenever I turn it, I will wipe the sediment with paper or cloth, and finally I will not deposit it into the tank. To ensure that the carburetor does not have problems, the above several links are well grasped, the chain saw will generally not be a problem.

The chain saw should be strictly in accordance with the operation requirements during the operation and use of protective glasses. When logging on the slope, it is necessary to pay attention to the position where the foot will not slip under the foot. When cutting the tree, the tree is reversed, and the tree is turned to the side. Into the saw, about 1 / 3, the other side facing the saw, into the 1 / 3 side of the side is best to slant into a saw, saw a piece of triangle saw to ensure that the tree fell in the expected direction.

When sawing the tree tube, hang this tree and put something on it. It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the tree from the top of the tree. When the tree is drooping or the kerf is enlarged, the saw is cut from the bottom so that it does not jam.

Safety first, keep a high degree of attention during work, don't be a hero, don't be a toy, don't hold the handle with one hand, even with one hand. To have two hands, you can't pull hard when you are in the card saw. Use an auxiliary axe to cut the saw blade and slowly remove the saw blade.


Chain oil should be used frequently, and it is necessary to check that the oil must be sprayed from the place where the oil is sprayed to the chain.

The newly bought chain saw will take a break for ten minutes, and the running-in period will be about one month.